Marvel in the original woodwork and stained glass that can be found throughout the home.

Learn about the social structure between the Wickwire Family and their servants.

Discover unique objects such as the Victorian Hair Wreath, or admire the architecture of the Inglenook.

Each room has a story to tell.

We are proud to preserve this history for you.

School Tours

Admission is $4.00 for students. Teachers, chaperones, and bus drivers are free of charge.

Please contact the museum at 607 756 7551 or email for more information or to arrange your school tour.

Tour Options

We’re happy to offer specialized school tours that may be customizable for your grade level and history focus. Please contact our Education Team at the museum for more information regarding any of the options below:

The Invisible Servant: Domestic Life in the late 19th century

Students will see the house from its other residents, the domestic servants. Learn their history, where they came from, and explore their day to day life as they moved throughout the house. Students will learn about the social divide and the role of immigration in domestic servitude.

Industrialist Inventor Tour

Take a closer look at the Inventions by Chester Wickwire and the modern conveniences found throughout the 1890 House. Students will view primary objects invented by Chester Wickwire, learn about patents, and experiment with re-creating popular and newly invented items of the late 19th century.

19th century Life Tour

Our general history tour will transport students back to June 1, 1890 when the Wickwire family moved into 37 Tompkins Street.

For more information or to request our Teacher’s Resource Guide please call 607 756 7551 or email

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