Built by 19th century Cortland Industrialist Chester F. Wickwire, the 1890 House Museum offers a unique opportunity to experience what life was like over one hundred years ago. We invite you to explore all four floors of Cortland’s Castle and learn about the Wickwire family, the architecture of the Victorian Era, and discover its many intriguing facts.

Marvel in the original woodwork and stained glass that can be found throughout the home.

Learn about the social structure between the Wickwire Family and their servants.

Discover unique objects such as the Victorian Hair Wreath, or admire the architecture of the Inglenook.

Each room has a story to tell.

The 1890 House Museum has undergone renovation and there is an ongoing restoration to preserve its history for the enjoyment and education of future generations.

We are proud to preserve this history for you.




Why choose the 1890 House Museum for your next school tour?

School tours are specifically designed for students to learn about what life was like over one hundred years ago in the Victorian Era here in Cortland, New York.

o   How was the social structure between the upper class and their servants?

o   What was daily life like for children?

o   What clothes did the Victorians wear?

o   What activities would they do?

Students will have the opportunity to learn about the local 19thcentury Industrialist Chester F. Wickwire and his family and interact with unique objects from the period that tell a story about the people who used them.

From the Butler’s Pantry, to the architecture of the Inglenook, the intrigue of the Hair Wreath and the views from the Cupola…let the 1890 House Museum be your next school tour.

Interested in visiting the 1890 House Museum with your class or student group? Contact us through the form below to set up a visit and we will send you our Teacher Resource Pack.

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Interested in getting hands on, real world experience? The 1890 House Museum is happy to offer many different internship opportunities. For more information, individuals should contact the Museum Director at or 607-756-7551.

Interpretation: Visitor experience is a major part of the 1890 House Museum. Interpretation Interns lead tours and develop new projects at the museum.

Historical Research: At the 1890 House Museum there is always ongoing research. Historical Research Interns help the museum by gathering more information about the Wickwire Family, Industrial America, Victorian Culture, and more!

Museum Education: Educating the public is of upmost importance at the 1890 House Museum. Museum Education Interns develop and run entertaining educational programming for the Cortland Community.

Collections and Archives: The 1890 House Museum is blessed with a large and diverse collection and research library. Collections and Archives Interns will help the the ongoing process of documenting and maintaining these resources.

Exhibitions: Exhibition Interns combine historical research and collections to develop dynamic exhibitions for visitors to experience.

Marketing: Designing promotional materials and writing newsletters are just some of the projects Marketing Interns work on at the 1890 House Museum.


The 1890 House Museum

Open Thursday - Saturday 11am - 5pm

Open Sundays June-September): 11am - 3pm

37 Tompkins Street Cortland, NY 13045

Telephone: (607) 756-7551



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