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Museum Week 2018

We participated in Museum Week 2018.

For 7 days we shared unique perspectives found in and outside of the 1890 House. Each day had a different theme and hashtag. Check out our posts below. To see more posts like these check out our social media feeds. #1890House


Like today’s moms, Ardell Wickwire never thought her kids contacted her enough. In a letter to Fred, she lamented, “if you only knew how much I watch the postman, you would write to your mother once in a while.” Call your mom, kids. #museumweek #womenMW


In the 1600s, Chester Wickwire’s British ancestors chose the lion as their family symbol, seen here on the library’s pocket door. The French phrase “Je trouve bien” means “I find things well.” #museumweek#heritageMW


Here’s a turn-of-the-century view of a spring day on Main Street. We hope it will soon be warm enough to go out on our bicycles, too!#museumweek #cityMW


Chester’s factory workers faced plenty of danger. In 1888, a 14 year old boy lost his toes, and another employee had his fingers mangled in the gears of a loom. The workers saw low pay and high risk, but their hard work made rural America thrive. #museumweek #professionsMW


Victorians brought nature into the home by making elaborate displays, like the one inside this bell jar. Pet birds often got the taxidermy treatment after death, as did hunted animals. Polly want some plaster?#museumweek #natureMW


Charles and Frederic were just 11 and 7 when they moved into their newly built home at 37 Tompkins St. The boys were close to their cousin Jere, who lived just a few houses down.

We recently rediscovered the signatures of Fred and Jere, hidden away in a trapdoor off of the library. Check out our latest WickWired video, at the link below, to learn more about the secret spaces in the 1890 House. #kidsMW #MuseumWeek


Architects designed Victorian homes to separate servants from employers. At the Wickwire house, servants stood behind this window in the Butler’s Pantry to see if anyone needed more wine during dinner. They weren’t to be seen or heard until needed.
#museumweek #differenceMW

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